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Facial Orangeville: 5 Reasons to Get Regular Facials

Facials are a great way to get your skin looking healthy and glowing, but they can also be an expensive habit. Well, more than just pampering, regular facials and skin rejuvenation contribute greatly to your skin health and overall wellness of your skin.

One of the things I often hear people say is that they wished they had more time to do a facial. So, with everything you're always doing for others, isnt it time to focus on your skin and body treatment? If you’re not sure if facials are right for you or how often you should go in for one, here are five reasons why you need to consider getting regular facials.

1) They help keep the skin hydrated

If you don’t have time to wash yourface every day, it’s important that you make sure you moisturize your skin as much as possible. A facial is a great way to do this because it will remove any dirt and grime from your pores. You can use a cleanser specifically designed for your skin type, or just use soap and water. After washing your face, pat dry with a towel. Then apply a lightlayer of moisturizer to your entire face. Make sure to avoid applying too much at once, otherwise you could end up with breakouts.

2) They prevent wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused by sun damage, so using a sunscreen every day is essential. However, there are other things you can do to prevent them. One of these is having regular facials. The reason for this isthat facials stimulate collagen production which helps plump out fine lines and wrinkles. This means that when you wake up in the morning, your skin looks smoother than ever before!

3) Maximize your skin care

Clogged poresblock everything that you put into your skin. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you use; if your pores are clogged, nothing will penetrate your skin properly. When this happens, you’ll notice that your skin feels tight and uncomfortable. In order to fix this problem, you need to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Once you’ve done this, follow upwith a toner and then finish off with a serum.

4) They improve blood circulation

When you have congested pores, your body has to work harder to bring nutrients to your skin. As a result, your skin may look dull and lifeless. To combat this, you need to increase blood flow to your skin. Facial treatments are perfect for doing this because they open up the capillaries around your eyes, nose and mouth. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach your skin, making it glow.

5) They reduce acne scars

Acne scars are unsightly marks left behind after pimples form. These marks can last anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the severity of the acne. While some people think that they’re permanent, theyaren’t. If you have acne scars, you can treat them with a series of facials. During each treatment, your therapist will gently massage your skin to encourage new cell growth. This process will eventually fade away the scarring.

How Often Should I Go For My Facials?

There are several factors that determine whether or not you need to go for a facial regularly. Somepeople only need to go in for a facial once a month while others might need to go in twice a week. If you’d like to know how often you should go for a facial, reach out to us here!

facial Orangeville


What Is a Facial and How Can I Get One?

A facial is a service where a trained professional uses various techniques to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. There are different types of facials available such as deep cleansing facials, microdermabrasion facials, chemical peels, etc.

You can get one in a beauty bar near you.

How Long Does A Facial Take?

The length of afacial depends on the technique used. Deep cleansing facials take about an hour, while microdermabrading takes about 30 minutes. Chemical peels usually take longer than that.

facial Orangeville