Sober Companion San Francisco

Sober Companion San Francisco

Rehabilitation is, no doubt, a critical phase in the life of anyone suffering from substance use disorder. However, it only signifies the beginning of the journey to sobriety. After completing the intensive rehabilitation phase, the individual still has to deal with the risk of relapsing. This risk becomes even higher if they are not adequately transitioned after treatment. While the support of family and friends would go a long way in facilitating a smooth transition, many people still need the help of a sober companion in San Francisco.

Who is a sober companion?

A sober companion is a professional that offers their clients the help and support they need based on their specific situations. If you choose the right one, you’ll have someone to hold you accountable on your journey as well as a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough. At The Plan Case Management, we have experienced sober companions and coaches in San Francisco, and we have helped many clients ease their integration. Below are some more benefits of having a San Francisco, California, sober companion:

What are the benefits of having a sober companion in San Francisco?

Resist the pressures in your environment

Most people live or work in areas where they are regularly exposed to alcohol or drug abuse triggers. When you hire a sober companion service, you will feel accountable to your coach, which provides extra motivation to resist your previous lifestyle demands.

Provide structure and help cultivate healthy habits

People suffering from substance abuse often act on impulse. For them, the ultimate motivation for engaging in any activity is to have more access to their drug of abuse. When they undergo rehabilitation, they’ll need some structure that, most likely, has been missing for long. A San Francisco, California, sober coach can provide the much-needed structure and help develop healthy coping habits.

Teach self-care

Poor culture of self-care is one of the hallmarks of people suffering from substance use disorder. While many may have been done to change their orientation during the intensive rehabilitation phase, a sober companion in California can still ensure they keep up the good work post-rehab. Among other self-care tips, they will encourage healthy eating, physical activity, maintaining proper hygiene, and meditation.

Provide support during the low times

Sober companion support services are typically provided by people who have been previously addicted to alcohol or drugs. They know all about fighting and resisting the urge to go back to their old habits, and they can act as a pillar of strength during the low times.

Contact us for sober companions in California

Do you need the services of a reliable and experienced sober companion in California? Why not contact The Plan Case Management today. We are specialist recovery services providers, and we have a host of sober coaches that are always at your service. Call us on (805) 335-4646 to schedule an appointment.

Sober Companion San Francisco