nail salon Jacksonville FL

nail salon Jacksonville FL

Polish the Nail Bar is a full-service salon, and we offer an array of beauty and grooming services at competitive prices. Our nail salon in Jacksonville, FL, is a state of the art facility with advanced equipment and latest beauty treatments.

Nail trends for 2020

While nail art blew up the last decade, we are seeing growing popularity for manicures this year. Here are some of the most happening nail trends in the year 2020:

Ombré Manicures

Inspired by the skittle nails trend, this style uses all shades from the same color family. The trick is to pick shades that work beautifully together, or you can also rummage Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

Cherry Red

A hot shade of red is a timeless trend, and we believe it is the color Cherry red that is making the rounds among nail enthusiasts this year. At our nail salon in Jacksonville, FL, we have a whole range of the most happening shades of red nail colors and a highly skilled team of nail artists to help you don the bold red nails look with elan and chic.

Tonal French

The tonal French is a marriage between ombré nails and a French manicure, and the result is a nail art baby that looks both classy and neoteric. We recommend using classic white shade along with some fresh hues like teal, turquoise, cyan, lime green, etc., on the top of your nail.

We also see an increase in trends like pastels, matte, and mismatched manis at our nail salon. We are one of the leading Jacksonville nail salons with creative nail artists and the most advanced tools to provide you with glamorous and dazzling nails.

Cost of nail services in a salon

We are one of the affordable nail salons near Jacksonville, FL, and our range of nail services start from as low as $3 per nail. We offer nail enhancements like acrylic, powder gel, ombre acrylic, and liquid gel, and the cost ranges from $22 onwards. Our range of dipping powder services cost $40 – $70.

For a basic polish change, the cost can range from $10 – $15. Nail art designs start from $3 per nail, and can the price can increase based on the length of your nail and the design you choose. The cost of french tips at our nail salon costs $5, and gel polish costs $15.

Tips for choosing the best nail salon

To begin with, choose one of the most hygienic and clean nail places in Jacksonville, Florida. Make sure the nail artists wash their hands before and after attending every client and check if they disinfect the nail tools/equipment after using it on a client.

Check the experience, training, and creativity of the nail artists at a salon. Be sure to get your nails done at an FL nails salon with a friendly, talented, and courteous staff team.

If you need help with polish nails in Jacksonville, contact Polish the Nail Bar at 904-996-7750 to schedule an appointment or visit We are a popular nail salon in Jacksonville, FL, and we offer high-end services and superior customer service to all our clients at affordable prices.

nail salon Jacksonville FL

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